Friday, July 25, 2014

10 Airport Traveling Tips

It is finally time for that trip that you have been planning for a while now. You have arrived at the airport and you are so extremely giddy with excitement for what awaits at your destination. Whether it is the beach, mountains, city, small town, or backpacking; nothing is going to damper the happiness you have right now. You have checked in your bags and you head toward the dreaded Security Check point. That big smile you have on your face, turns upside down. The long lines and time spent waiting for people who didn’t plan for the Security Check Point could quickly be such a buzz kill.

I know that I personally hate the security check points at airports, but they are just a part of flying that you have to deal with. You can’t get past it, so why don’t make your life easier with some simple tips that I have learned over the years and many airports I have travelled through.

Now is not the time to be running behind. Now is the time to take be smart and plan out your time appropriate. Also, when having connecting flights, make sure to give yourself enough time in-between each flight for any delays. When you are returning back into the country, make sure that you plan for customs, because they take some time to go through.

If you are only flying with a carry-on bag, do yourself a favor and check in prior to arriving at the airport and print your boarding pass or have it ready on your phone. If you have to check you luggage, make sure to know what the weight limits are for your airline. A majority of airlines allow 50lbs and will charge you for any overage. Also, when purchasing your ticket, choose your seat then. It is so much harder to try and switch seats or have an airline employee move people around to please you.

Once you are checked in, don’t even think about putting that ID and/or Passport away and make sure to keep your boarding pass in hand. Here is even a better tip: Download your airlines app and use that! A huge majority of airlines now make your boarding pass accessible through your smart phone. That makes one less thing to worry about keeping track of.

Being comfortable is a huge key part in why you pick the outfit you did, but make sure that your outfit is Airport Functional. Keep in mind when you are choosing your outfit that you have to remove the following items when at the Security Check Point; Shoes, Belt(s), Sweater/Jacket, Heavy Jewelry, and Hats. Do your self a favor and wear 1) slip on shoes 2) simple belt, if you need one 3) sweater/jacket that is easily removable and 4) skip the bling and accessories today. I promise you will thank me when you walk through security easily. Last week, I shared some outfits with you that are perfect for the airport.

Having your carry-on luggage organized will make your life and TSA’s life so much more simple in the end. The biggest tip I can give to you: Make sure to place your 3oz liquids in a plastic bag. Remember that all of your liquids in your carry-on have to be able to fit into one quart sized zip-lock bag. You have to remove them and place them in a separate container when they go through the scanner. So, I always place mine on top or in a zippered pouch till I have made my way through security. Biggest tip: Don’t over pack your carry-on!

Making your laptop, iPad/iPod, Kindle/Book Reader, and whatever other electronics you may travel with easily accessible will have you huge amounts of time in the Security Check point. Your electronics, just like your liquids, have to be ran through the scanner separately. So, make them easy to remove from your personal bag. Another tip: I place all of my electronic charging cords in a make-up style zip bag. Keeps me from roaming freely in your personal bag. Also, you will have a lesser chance of one of your cords breaking.

If you know exactly what kind of snacks you have brought with you, it will help you and TSA. If you are one of the lucky ones who has their bags checked, you can easily list off the items you have in your bag. Again, I place all of my snack in a zip-lock bag. That way they stay together in my bag and you don’t have some random snack break open in the bottom of your bag.

Of course, it has to be empty. But, this tip will save you so much money when you are in the airport. You will pay over and above what you expect to pay for a bottle of water in the airport. So, throw in your favorite water bottle and fill it up at the water fountain for nothing.

This is something I read once upon a time. But, in all honesty, it will get you so much further when you are travelling. Being prepared with all your necessities will make you less stressed. Being impatient will only cause you to get frustrated and it wont make the process go by any faster. If you are polite to the security officer, airport staff, and/or stewardess; it will only get you further when you need something. Having a great attitude is not only good for you, but for those whom surround you.

You never want to be responsible for a stranger’s belongings that “accidently” left their boarding pass somewhere or lost something. You don’t need to take the risk, just politely decline. Your luggage is always your responsibility when you are traveling. If you can’t handle it all at home, re-think your packing process or check another bag.

I hope that these tips will help you with your future travelling plans!

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