Monday, July 14, 2014

Bucket List - Vacation with Best Friends

Bucket List 
Vacation with My Best Friend(s)

Kati and I have always wanted to take a vacation for the weekend together and just get out of town for a glimpse in time. Our friend TK had her birthday the first weekend of June, perfect opportunity to take a little vacation and spend it with my bestie!
We decided to stay close to home and invite all of TK’s friends and throw a surprise dinner in Mesquite. The plan was set, hotel was booked, and dinner reservations for 8 were made. This was going to be a great weekend and she would have no idea what was going to happen. Such a great idea, at least I think so.

The weekend was amazing and filled with laughter and smiles! What a perfect way to incorporate a friend’s birthday and a bucket list item that I wanted to check off my 2014 Bucket List..! Here are some of the pictures to prove it!

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