Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Creative Closet - Mixing Patterns

I have loved being able to link up with Jana and Maegan for The Creative Closet the last couple of weeks. It has really gotten me to thinking about the different kinds of outfits that I can pull straight from my closet and/or get for a steal! This week the girls have given us the theme of Mixing Patterns.

First let me say, this week’s theme was extremely hard for me. The thought of mixing patterns gives me anxiety and doesn’t mesh very well with my OCD. Yes, I have extreme OCD when it comes to my outfits. Things have to match, absolutely have to be perfect in colors. If there is a mixed pattern on the article of clothing, that is fine; because it was made to be like that. But, putting Polka Dots and Stripes together or Floral and Stripes or whatever, gives me extreme anxiety.

So, as you can see this week’s outfit was extremely hard for me to decide on what to put together. I finally found something that I could put together without sending my OCD through the roof. I found this Trial Print Skirt at Express a while back and I have always wanted to put a scarf with it, especially for the fall and winter months. Then the idea hit me, my pink leopard print scarf would be perfect. It scarf has the same pink color in it to put my OCD at ease and it isn’t too crazy of a print since the entire scarf are different hues of the same color.

The two pieces work perfectly together, creating enough of a contrast to spark texture, but not so much that it is a distraction. This outfit is the perfect compromise for me, when it comes to mixing patterns.

Skirt // Tank // Scarf // Shoes - old (similar // similar)


  1. I love it! Pattern mixing can seriously be so scary, but I love that you went small and started with accessories! It makes it easier, I promise! Thanks for linking up! :)

  2. I love that skirt, it's so pretty!

  3. This outfit rocks! And I'm soooo in love with that skirt, both the color and the print! Thanks for linking up with us again :)

  4. You look awesome! I love both prints you pulled into this outfit. And I really want to steal your shoes. :)

  5. Hello my OCD sister!! This prompt really played with my OCDness as well. But this outfit is perfection! Love the colors!