Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Creative Closet - Classy Neutrals

I am loving this linkup with Jana and Maegan for The Creative Closet. It is so much fun to see all the different outfits that people automatically think of when they are given a theme. This week the theme is Classy Neutrals. When I think of Neutrals, I automatically think of different shades of Black, White, and Brown.

Now, with the person I am. Yeah, I love dressing having an outfit in neutrals, but I have to have some kind of pop of color. Whether it be a purse, shoes, or accessories; I have to have some kind of color in my outfit. When I came across these Slouchy Pants at TJMaxx I was in love. 

Since I was already in TJMaxx and I knew I could throw an outfit together for such a great price, I decided to put the rest of my outfit together. I found this hat and clutch, it was perfect for a vacation look! I still hadn't found the perfect shirt though.

I knew that I wanted something more over-sized that I could tuck in, yet something simple. Rue21 here I come. When I walked in they had more of these Slouchy Pants that I had fallen in love with and the perfect over-sized shirt to match. Seriously, this outfit came together perfectly and i am so in-love with it. 

So, you don't exactly have to be on vacation to wear a vacation look; right? I sure don't think so. 

Are you linking up with Jana and Maegan for The Creative Closet?
What kind of outfits do you think of when you hear the words Neutrals?


  1. I love those pants! And how great is your blog? Glad I found you on the link-up!

  2. Love both of your looks and the chevron theme you've got going on!

  3. Seriously, I cannot get over how great your outfit is! The pants, the shirt, the hat, the pop of color in your clutch...nailed it! :)

  4. LOVING those pants and the hate and well, everything! Sooo adorable, doll! Thanks for linking up!