Friday, July 11, 2014

A Day in The Life - Confessional Friday

Friday, I am so happy you decided to show your face already. This week has been such a drag for me, I don’t know why it seems like it has taken forever and the days are so long, but it has and I am exhausted.
I usually like to leave my Friday’s for link-ups and today is no exception. So, everyone, I am linking up with Leslie today for some Confessional Friday. This week, she is doing things a little bit different.

a day in the life : kenzie

July 10, 2014
play by play

5:25 am – Alarm goes off, I hit snooze without even thinking about it

5:40 am – Actually have to make myself get up

5:55 am – Finally roll out of bed and get ready. Now, I don’t leave myself much time because 1) I work in a Dry Cleaners and it’s the middle of summer, so I would be wasting my time and 2) I hate putting on makeup during the work week

6:20 am – Second Alarm telling me to get my ass out of the house goes off. I, of course run to put my shoes on, grab my planner, book, and other random things that I decide to throw in my purse and rush out the door.

6:25 am – Leave for work. Yep, I have an approx 20 minute drive to work on a normal day. Today, I felt the need for coffee, which requires an extra few minutes.

6:31 am – Call Brecken

6:40 am – Starbucks drive thru line, is it sad that the girls know me there. Ask the usual; how’s business, my dad, blah blah blah…. I gulp down a drink of Iced Caramel Macchiato and race to work. I need to be there in 10 minutes.

6:52 am – Arrive at work. Usually I am back and forth between both of our locations, due to our production plant being in one and “the office” where I actually do all the accounting stuff in another. Today though, I am going to being staying right here.

7:30ish am – Actually break out the bagel I got at Starbucks and finish my breakfast.

7:30-11:30 am – I do a mixture of things; deposits, balance the bank account(s), in-house accounts, write out checks, help customers, update budget spreadsheet, help more customers, mark in clothing, talk to my dad (family business), talk to all the employees at the other location about time frame and piece counts, and then finally make my way to winding down morning logs.

12:00 pm – My brother (Levi) and my dad show up to do some tinkering. I always say tinker, because with those boys they do a bunch of random things to get a project done. It always seems to be more complicated and time consuming then it actually has to be.

12:15 pm – My brother’s friend Cody pays a visit bring McDonalds along, for my brother. But, my brother has already eaten lunch. I contiplate the obvious, I’m starving and they sound good, but do I really want to eat them. I only have an hour left, I can go get something healthier. An hour, I can resist the temptation. Nope, screw it, I am hungry, they are here, I am eating them. Yep, done, 2 double cheeseburgers down.

12:30 pm – Pinterest for some new outfit ideas and a little of BlogLovin to catch up on what I haven't read yet... Yep, pass the time.

1:00 pm – My night girl shows up. It is my time to do a few work errands and then I get to go home for the day. Short Day, Yay!

1:23 pm – When I actually leave work; deposits in hand and a list of things to do.

1:30 pm – Bank

1:40 pm – Walgreens

2:00 pm – Iceberg. Hey, I already did bad with McDonalds why don’t get a Red Raspberry Cheesecake Shake..

2:30 pm – I arrive at home, Nap time. I think so, but then every single person in the world decides to call me. Not a single minute of snooze. So, I decide to turn on some Vampire Diaries, text Brecken on and off all day while he is working, and answer the phone calls.

5:35 pm – Dad is home, time to for dinner.. Dad decides to fry up some bacon, I toast bread, pull out the Miracle Whip and cheese, cut the tomatoes and lettuce; hello BLTC Sandwiches.

6:00 pm – Back to my bedroom, more Vampire Diaries. Yep. I don’t know why I am so exhausted the last few days. Grapes, chocolate, and iced tea in hand.

8:25 pm – FaceTime Brecken
9:15 pm – Bedtime. Yeah, early. I am exhausted, can’t keep my eyes open and my mouth from yawning. Night Y’all.

Hope everyone has a happy and safe weekend, see you all next week!

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