Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Tour Your Town - Waffle Bliss

On Memorial Weekend of blogger friend of mine, Aubrey Zaruba, decided to participate in #tourdeutah. Where you go around your town and do touristy things, more-less visit and show all the places you would take a friend that decided to come in from out of town.

St. George Addition

I decided to take my own spin on things, since I love visiting all the places that make living in Southern Utah so a wonderful place to visit and/or live.

Tour Your Town – Waffle Bliss

There is something that I have wanted to do for years, get food from a Food Truck. I am not taking about the ones that show up to the yearly County Fair, but one that actually travels to different spots around town and you get a completely different kind of dining experience from.

Insert >>Waffle Bliss

Waffle Bliss is a food truck that is local to my hometown of St. George, Utah and will not disappoint. Their waffles are beyond amazing to say the least and top it off with an amazing frozen hot chocolate. Seriously guys, if you are in the St. George area you need to find out the times of operation via Waffle Bliss’ Instagram page.  
Ashley and I had the pleasure of trying this food truck a few weeks back and I have been craving it since.

So, please take my word and try it out for yourself!

If you do, please share with me your thoughts!

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