Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 18, 19, & 20.

May 18
Childhood Story
October 1, 1993
Dixie Regional Medical Center in St George, Utah
My baby brother Levi J Spafford was born.
I remember while Mom and Dad were in the room with “the doctor” and nurses,
I would sit on the big dark blue steps in front of the nursery window.
“The Big Pop” popsicle in hand, provided by the nurses of course.
The first memory I have of Buddy.
May 19
5 favorite blogs
I love Mikell’s stories, fashion, and she always has good products that she blogs about. Plus, who couldn’t resist following stories of baby bunny Winston. He is just so darn adorable and complete spoiled.
The advice that Amanda gives on her personal marriage is wonderful. I take so many of her things to heart, even though I am not in a romantic relationship now. I use it in my personal everyday relationships, with family and friends.  It has helped build and strengthen my relationships.
Lindsey or “elle” has such a real life blog. I love that I can relate to the things she posts about. Her struggles with dating and life are things that I deal with everyday. I love how much she loves her little Mia, I can’t wait to have a little puppy that is as adorable as Mia is.
Ashley blogs about so many different topics, and I love how she writes letters to her husband every single week on Friday Letters. She has stayed so true to what she wants to blog about. Her recipes are always so good too.
So, I am obsessed with photography. I love the way that pictures capture so many different things. Emotions and so many different memories of that day, place, and time can come flooding back into someone’s thought just by a single picture. That is why I love The Pretty Blog. Following a photography blog is something I truly enjoy looking at every single day.
May 20, 2013
Get Real. Something I am struggling with right now.
As I said a few days ago, life is really pretty good for me right now.
I have an amazing family,
I have amazing friends,
And I have a job where I love working.
I can’t complain much.
But finances, who doesn’t have problems with them.
I wish I made more than I do.
I wish things weren’t as expensive as they are.
I want this and I want that.
But I need this, and I have to buy that.
So needs come before wants,
And I am left with nothing left to save up for an amazing trip
Or a shopping spree.
Oh well, I wake up smiling.
And continue on my way,
It will get better.
much love, kenzie.

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