Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Letters

Good Morning Everyone!!
It is Friday, Hallelujah!
Think means it is time to link up
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Dear Rain: I have actually quite enjoyed you this week. It was nice to have it cool off just a little bit, and the fresh rain smell is one of my favorites. I captured this picture above on my drive home yesterday. I love the clouds over Pine Valley Mountain after a rain storm. It is beautiful when the sun starts to peak out and shine down on the mountains below. Dear Week: I am glad that you are almost over. I know I work tomorrow, but I will sure be grateful for when Sunday comes and I can relax a bit. Dear Dad: I am so grateful that you are finally starting to let me take some of the weight off your shoulders with the business. I am finally starting to see where I want to be in life, and I can't wait to learn all the aspects of running the business full board. Dear Kati: Weeks like this, where we don't see each other, I hate it! I miss my bestie! Can't wait to see you tonight.! Dear Idiot Who Stole My Credit Card Number: I am sure glad that you had fun buying stupid ridiculous stuff! I hope Karma bites you in the ass, and leaves teeth marks and draws blood too. I am sure glad though that my card company caught it soon enough before you ran the amount up too much. I still hate you though.! Dear Coffee: You are probably going to be my best friend today. I am so unbelievably tired, I wanna pretend my alarm didn't go off today.. Crawl back into bed, and sleep another 4-5 hours. I could use it. Dear Everyone I pissed off in the construction line this morning: I am sorry, but after waiting 20 mintues at that stop sign, my eyes couldn't help but want to close. It wasn't until the guy behind me started honking and the construction worker was waving his hands in the air, that I opened them. Yes, I felt like a complete idiot, get over it though. No need to flip me off, when you passed me. It couldn't of been too long before my eyes opened up, cause the car was only like a good 10-12 car lengths ahead of me. Oopps. Dear Followers: I hope you have a splended weekend. Be safe! Until next time. Much Love, Kenzie." target="_blank">
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