Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Met Gala 2013: Part 3

Met Gala 2013
“The Good, The Bad, and What in the Hell...”
My opinions of what was worn the night of the Met Gala..
 Last but not least are my favorites.
“The Good Ones”
Ashley Green: Beautiful Silhouette.!
Blake Lively: I love the simple beauty of this, just is stunning.
Cameron Diaz: Love the Cobalt Blue, and the Belt. Very Couture and Rich looking.
Christina Ricci: Most people didn’t like this plaid dress, but I love it. Playful and the Fishnets just give it some flavor. Plus I think it is an amazing fit for you.
Emma Watson: Stunning, Absolutely Stunning.!
Jennifer Lawrence: I don’t ever think you can go wrong with a stunning, simple, and classic look. Beautiful.
Jennifer Lopez: Alright Lady, First love the print. Love the Silhouette. Love the open back. Love the Hair. Love the make-up. Love the whole flippin thing. You nailed it with this dress. I can say, I would wear this in a heartbeat! Absolutely Stunning, Kind of Breathtaking, and Definitely one of my favorites of the night!
Jessica Biehl: You have such a split audience on this dress. It is either a love or hate. I love the classy look of the beautiful black dress, and I love the playfulness of the fishnets. The work perfectly together, and the shoes just pull it all together to make it look Couture meets Punk.
Miranda Kerr (left) and Olivia Wilde (right): look amazing with the cut-outs.     

Taylor Swift: I love that you are becoming more and more lady-like in your dressing and not so childish. You look stunning in this piece my dear.

Kristen Dunst: I think that this dress looks lovely on you. The color is beautiful and the feathers are fun.

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