Friday, May 3, 2013

A Family Damily Weekend..

Good Morning Everyone.
Sorry I have been so MIA from the blog this week.
With the opening of our new location, I have been so incredibly busy working.
I did make some time though for Friday Letters.
So I am linking up with Ashley from The Sweet Season Blog
Dear Friday: Oh how happy I am that you have arrived. I am tired from this week. Dear Saturday: I am so happy that the IronMan is in town, that mean I get to have a Saturday off before the next full month of working 6 days a week, 11.5 hours a day. It will make for a long long work week. Dear Torie:I am so happy that you are going to be able to come down this weekend and spend a little family time. Dear Mom: Since Torie is here this weekend, we plan to spoil you as if it were Mother's Day Weekend. A weekend of sushine, relaxation, and delicious food is in store. Mesquite here we come. Dear Mesquite: Are you ready for the Spafford Clan and Adpoted Bendall Spare.? Ready or not, here we come... We shall be full of laughter, fun times, and camera flashes this weekend.. So Everyone Smile, and be ready to have a good time. Dear Weekend: I wouldn't mind if you take your time while your here. I will be enjoying myself, and I really don't exactly look forward to the long hours next week.. So I don't mind if you take your time while your here. Dear Followers: Have a fun and safe weekend. If you in the St. George area, have fun with the IronMan on Saturday.. Until next time..
Much Love, Kenzie." target="_blank">
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