Friday, May 31, 2013

The Last Day of May

So, I made it to the last day of May. I completed the Blog Every Day in May Challenge; yippee! Since it is Friday, I am going to combine my topic for the day: a vivid memory  with Friday's Letters.

Dear Barnum: I have no idea what I would have ever done without you in high school. You honestly were the one who kept me sane and got me through it all. I remember when we decided to do this photoshoot for your birthday. I think it may have been one of the smartest things that we decided to do in High School. I love going through all the pictures and remembering how much fun we had that day. I don't think we ever stopped laughing. I am so incredible grateful to have you in my life. We have been through it all, and yet we are still as close as ever. I know that no matter the miles we may have between us, in a second we would be there for each other. Love ya Barnum.

I'm also going to link up for Five Question Friday

1. What is an acceptable age for girls to start dating?I personally think it depends on the maturity of the girl. I think that 15/16 is a good age to start dating, but I also think that girls shouldn't get serious with a guy until they are atleast to the age of 18+. They are so young and girls need to experience the fun of growing up, dating, and seeing who is out there.

2. Do you think your kids should have summer homework?
Homework during the summer, I don't think it should be manditory. I do think that kids should keep their mind growing and gaining knowledge throughout the summer. So I think it would be a good idea to do programs during the summer, like reading programs and camps. Places where kids go and have fun, and learn and keep their little brains going during the summer months. Make it a fun place, where kids want to go each and every summer.
3. Would you prefer to live without AC or heat?
AC. You always can turn on the fans, open up the windows, but without heat I would die. I get so cold as it is, that I don't know how I would do without the option of having heating in a home.
4. What the worst thing about staying in a hotel? (Besides not being with your family)
I think never knowing what kind of a bed situation you are going to have is my biggest problem. Is it going to be clean, itchy, comfortable. I always end up taking my own pillows, I hate sleeping on hotel pillows. The floors, I don't walk barefoot that often. I never know what has been spilled, whats growing, ewww the thoughts of that kills me.
5. So, do your kids really get "104 days of summer vacation"? (Bonus points for those of you that get this reference!)
 I don't have kids, and since I am no longer in school. I don't pay attention to how may days of Summer Vacation the children get around here.

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