Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pictures Say It All..!

For as long as I can even remember Memorial Weekend was always a weekend that our entire family would wait all winter long for. It meant that it was the start to summer, and the end to school, and the beginning of our favorite time of year; Boating Season! This has been the first Memorial Weekend that I can remember, where my parents were gone, by themselves. Leaving us “kids” to fend for our own Memorial Weekend fun, but no doubt we of course did what we know best. We piled into the truck, threw the boat on the back, and headed for Lake Powell. Here is a picture glimpse of our trip…
Lake Powell 2013 : Memorial Weekend

Schemv & I

Little Bro & I

The Girls (Brandi, Myself, and Kati)

Best Friends

Never can take enough pictures

Love my new hat

Messy Lake Hair

Love Birds (Wyatt & Brandi) - They fell asleep like this right after lunch

Brandi's finally got up

I finally started driving this summer.! Yay me!


Yes, I think my litte bro has a cute butt.!

Turds went and bought kid bikes to ride up and down the docks

Then they did this and were hooked!

Tan Lines = Success!

Haha Schemv was obsessed with them.

All in All, it was a weekend for the books. Had soo much fun.!
Until Next Time
Much Love, Kenzie.

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