Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Letters

Melanie and I about 4 years ago.

Dear Friday: You actually snuck up on me this week, I have been so incredibly behind in my days. I have to blame it on the 4th day in a row Migraine. Dear Migraine: Seriously go away already, your not welcome. I hate the amount of Ibprofen I have to take a day when you are present. Dear Maja: I am so thankful you sent me home yesterday, I was such a tragedy in waiting.. Dear Coffee: I have never been more grateful for you as I have been in the last few weeks. Thank You for keeping me going. Dear Mom & Dad: I am jealous that both of you are enjoying the lovely sunshine of Costa Rica right now. I want to go so bad, I can't wait for next May. I may just go crazy. Dear Melanie: I am so happy for you. I am mad I found out if actually happened via facebook and instagram.. Even though I knew it was coming. Fighting, Now. David, you are one lucky man to be marrying such a crazy wonderful woman. Dear Memorial: I am so excited for you to come, Lake Powell is going to be a freakin blast. I can't wait for the water, sunshine, and bikini. Dear Victorias Secret: I hate that I love you so much! My wallet hates you, my body loves you. I do have to say though, my girls look so freakin good in your swim suits. I am not oh so mad about needing all new swimmers cause I grew. I got so many adorable ones, I can't wait to wear them all soon! Dear Followers: Have a wonderful and safe weekend. Until next time. Much Love, Kenzie.

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  1. Stopping by from Friday letters!

    have a great weekend. I hope your migraine goes away.